Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Five Types of Pages Your SEO Techs Need to Be Familiar With and More

Every single searchable page on the web is a landing page. Every landing page has a purpose. What is that purpose?

1) You need to capture your reader's attention. You should give them a reason to stick around, including addressing their needs, wants, and relevancy in their lives.

2) You should give them a reason to stick around and provide a solution, including a call-to-action. Your audience needs a reason to do something, and you need to provide that.

A page becomes relevant to your SEO once it becomes relevant to your visitor.

5 Web Pages That Need Your Attention

1) The homepage is probably the first page your audience will see. The homepage needs to give your audience an overview of your products and services. Your homepage should be the "big picture" presentation as to why your audience should pick you.

You can try to optimize the page if you are a single company with one product. That should not be your main goal when your company serves a lot of people. You need to stay relevant, and offering something outside of your product range is not going to make you relevant.

Rankings only give you the chance for more clicks. You need something more. Your visitors need a reason to dig deeper, or they will lose interest.

2) The about us page is the next one you need to look at. Your audience will give your "about us" page a look when they are ready to commit. The page needs to hold enough influence to get them to commit.

Tailor some of your keywords to fit this page because those words will help convince those who need convincing.

3) The contact page serves just one purpose. You want your audience to contact you. You need to make this page relevant enough for your them to want to get in touch with you.

Will every person who goes to this page use your services? Probably not. You still need to make it detailed enough to give them a chance to respond, They may pass your information to a friend or family member. They may use it themselves. they may throw it in the trash. You will get some business out of it though.

Make this page engaging and easy for them to get in touch with you. Your visitors landed on this page for a reason. Make it worth their while.

4) The product detail pages. You should make these pages as informative and descriptive as possible. The product detail page is one of the last stops a person makes before they commit to buying.

Optimize these pages as best as you can. These pages also help to convince those who need convincing, so make it count. Add anything you may feel is relevant. One missing detail will cause one person to choose another company.

5) The FAQ section is important. This page helps to answer any questions that need answering. You should not assume that your viewer already knows the information. Keep this section reserved for questions that are pertinent. In other words, do not throw in any irrelevant and useless data.

Some questions are common sense and do not need answering.

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